Akkaş family, which has been operating under the same roof for 4 generations, first stepped into the home furniture sector in 1973. Serhat Furniture, which started the sector with wholesale furniture trade, started mass furniture production in the late 80s.

Vipa A.Ş., which continues its production activities as the second company within its structure, was established in the early 90s. With its new production facility established in 2008, Serhat Mobilya manufactures in modern production areas consisting of 35.000 m2 closed and 100.000 m2 open area. In addition, it offers its home furniture collection, which it has prepared together with dozens of supplier companies, to the tastes and expectations of consumers in hundreds of sales points at home and in more than 40 countries abroad.

Serhat Furniture is taking firm steps forward in the home furniture sector; To give importance to R&D activities in order to produce groundbreaking projects in the furniture sector with its innovative and visionary professional team by using the knowledge gained from its past experiences, To stay up-to-date by closely following the developing technology in its modern production facilities established by taking into account the latest developments in every field,

To promote Serhat branded products not only in the national but also in the international market with a price policy that can compete in the market conditions of the region where it exists, To raise the standards of quality, comfort and aesthetic perception in our country with the product range created by its professional team and hundreds of business partners.

Our Vision
To be a brand that creates a perception of quality, aesthetics and comfort in consumers when it comes to "Serhat" in Turkey and in the world.
Our Mission

To contribute to the national economy by combining the aesthetics, elegance and quality understanding of our consumers with the knowledge of our professional staff and keeping environmental awareness in mind.

Timeless and contemporary furniture

Serhat Furniture is young, dynamic and modern with its materials, colors, designs and all other features. It not only gives you the excitement of a new furniture purchase, but also continues to create dynamism in your home for years with its timeless designs.

Furniture of the world

Provides services for consumers with all Serhat Furniture stores

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