Serhat Furniture is the concept brand that Serhat Furniture offers to create new life forms.

In the light of the principle adopted by Serhat Furniture, "To give due importance to our human resources with the belief that the most important fact of businesses is the human factor and that the investment made in people will be the biggest investment",

  • Competitive advantage is the real basis of our human resources.
  • Our employees embrace the values ​​of our Company.
  • We aim to make Serhat a preferred company to work with.
  • We balance the expectations of our employees and our company in accordance with
  • Serhat's principles.
  • We evaluate and encourage our employees' success and work performance at work.
  • We give priority to our in-house human resources in meeting our needs.
  • We follow new developments in human resources management and evaluate and implement them in accordance with the needs of our company.
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